Feeling Anxious? Then ‘Watch’ what is this great!

The human nervous system has never changed very much during the last million years. Its purpose is to keep us safe and help us survive; that means shopping for threat and risks that might trigger our death or cause us harm. Naturally, like other animals, this ‘alert’ nervous system is essential to your success and keeps us deciphering for potential danger.

Humans allow us the cognitive capacity to use words, Open My TikTok Following Feed language and analysis to make sense of and communicate risk together efficiently. Humans can convey these messages about threat or danger with convincing and rich emotional content to highlight their importance and importance. This superior intelligent ability has allowed humans to prosper and survive by organizing communities, achieving social tasks, working together and problem-solving.

While living in tribal groups and small communities, our family history counted upon this capacity to communicate safety measures and risks to members of the tribe or community. A danger at the waterhole, toxic berry, a lurking predator or an invading tribe were all risks that asked an immediate and relevant threat to each member of that tribe. Our nervous system is primed to be aware of such urgent safety measures, particularly when high feeling exists to convey emergency. Those who failed to attend would face danger and threat to their success.

Community leaders throughout history disseminated relevant and important info for success — this town Crier and Pastors at places of worship became trusted ‘news’ bearers delivering information about community illness and death such as the Plague. Humans have trained to pay attention when an headline is made and our nervous systems are primed to do so!

The new Era

A lot has changed in the world since the creation of television, the radio and computers. The world is not minimal by geographical edges and tribal word-of-mouth communication. The millennial world features expansive social media influences with 24-hour news broadcasts, Open My TikTok Following Feed news updates to every device, news from every corner of the world, breakfast news, morning news, midday news, afternoon news, early evening news, night time news, and even news updates between the news!

If you are feeling overwhelmed just by reading that, it’s obvious what the actual content of all this news does to your nervous systems. Physical arousal and stress are triggered by our nervous bodies respond to press releases and news that goes straight back to our primal need to survive and not necessarily because there is an authentic and present threat to your safety.

Understanding the science of this assists us manage our reactions to the world’s events and to make decisions about protecting our nervous system.

We are inundated with press releases and information that are neither relevant nor an immediate threat to us individually. In doing its job well, the nervous system innocently attends to immaterial messages, assuming all news must be relevant and require urgent attention. In fact, replying to information regarding a five-car pile-up on an slippery motorway opposed to this of the world has no immediate success benefit to us.

While bigger lessons can be trained from the general information, this information can be used and offered in more considered and less dramatic ways to improve our society and keep us safe. Just how this information is offered in the news is greatly predisposed to trigger unnecessary and involuntary stress reactions.

Tips to provide for Yourself on earth of Frenzied News

Limit your contact with all news media — TV, radio, newspapers, social media.
Limit the number of news establishments you follow on social media and signals you get.
Observe and calm your response when you hear the ‘news music’ or ‘breaking news’ sound clips.
Keep an eye on how many stories are increasingly being given to you throughout every day on electronics while you are trying to pay attention to work, socialising or other meaningful tasks.
Try to be handled by less hyped and dramatic versions of the news.
Follow the local news that may very well be more relevant to your daily life.
Are more aware of the emotional content of programs you watch and their affect your mood, nervous system and thinking. Does it feel like more relevant information offered calmly and factually or does it feel more hyped, dramatic and immaterial to your immediate world?

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